Monday, November 16, 2009

Plastic Freaks

Originally posted on Myspace on Wednesday, September 17, 2008.

Okay, First thing I was born with a Cleft palate and Lip. That means when I was born I looked like the kids on the project Smile commericals. It also Mean I spent my childhood and Teenage years in and out of the Hostpital for Reconstructive Surgery. I joke with people that I have had more nose jobs than a Hollywood Housewife but less than Michael Jackson. I had to have these surgeries to function. I get irritated seeing all these episodes of Dr. Phil , Oprah and Maury where these Teenagers want Plastice Surgery. If I could have avoided them myself I would have. Another One was These people who are addicted to Palstic Surgery. Why???? The Pain is not worth it to me. Maybe I have had the perfect Plastic Surgery Aversion, too many I had no choice in. Hell some of the Nose jobs I have seen, I say to myself I would love to have the before nose. Mine is malformed inside and for everything my surgeon tried I still have trouble breathing. I wish people would learn to become happy in their own skins. I know it is hard, but is surgery and the possible complications aren't worth it.

That is my not so humble opinion.

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