Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Here are various Rants that were originally on Facebook.  Things have been crazy lately, so I have been unable to write any new blog posts.  Many of my Facebook friends please bear with these re-posts.

November 15

So recently Big-Ass Sandwiches shared a video of the Daily Shows reaction to Papa John's owner’s attitude about Medical insurance. So a troll slams them for their opinion then proceeded to insult them, their business and patrons. I was going to respond to this person. I remembered I should never feed trolls. I was irritated that this person felt the need to besmirch these business people for using the First Amendment right to expound their opinion. The tenor of discourse has devolved so far that if you disagree with someone, one feels they have the right to denigrate and insult them. Why cannot people just agree to disagree? What make this world so interesting is no tow people are alike even Identical twin are not exact copies. I would rather embrace our differences than use them against each other. This tomfoolery is why certain folks are saying they want to secede since their side lost in the recent election. I am not saying I agree with Brian and Lisa Wood. Whether or not I do is my business. What I am saying is I defend their right to say or believe what ever they wish regardless.

November 29

OK, people who I have been hanging around lately have already heard this. My opinion on the whole fake girl geek/nerd thing is simple. Those who are going after these ladies STOP IT, and by stop it, I mean NOW. Please do not scare the ladies off. Who are we to judge who is real or not real? Don't make me snap you in the back of the head with my wool newsie cap. When I was in my twenties the ladies rarely came around to geek/nerd events. Most of this is due to the behavior of some of my fellow geek/nerds of my generation. Please stop it. I know some of you do not know how to behave with ladies. Hell I myself struggle sometimes with social cues. One cannot judge another's passion without being that person. So stop it. You are behaving just like those idiot jocks that used to torture us in high school and in some cases college/ University. Grow up. More bodies are more bodies and that means the Corporations controlling are favorite pop culture icons see monetary potential.  To paraphrase the bible judge not lest ye be judged. So please Stop it and do not ruin it for the rest of us.

December 20

I recently saw the segment of Members of the Westboro Baptist Church on Brand X, Russell Brand's TV show on FX. This sect and attitudes like it are why I had problems with Christianity as practiced by many in this country. They judge and presume to know what God or the Universal Spirit thinks or feels. If one believes in the Personification of the Spirit of Creation, one must realize it is so vast and our little brains cannot fathom its motivations if it has any. This Sect continues to spout scripture and platitudes that support their hate. They even dispute the phrase that God loves the sinner and hates the sin. My attitude is if things go on between consenting adults that has no harm who I am to judge. Humans are not infallible including when we try to interpret the will of a being that is so beyond us. Whether or not someone is going to Hell if such a place exists is up to the Supreme Universal Spirit not to people. Justifying hate with the will of God is a perpetuation of Evil that frustrates me to no end. If I offend any of my Christian Friends and/ or Family, I apologize. This is how I feel about the matter.

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