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More Fun with Podcasting

So after a few months since I wrote my last blog post about Podcasts, I noticed I forgot some podcasts I listen to.  Some of these were new when I wrote Fun with Podcasting.  Others have very irregular schedules.  Two I mentioned in the opening, I will do a full write up here for both.    Quite a few of these are Audio drama’s or podcast novel, anthologies.  In the Portland, Oregon area the predominant format of Podcast is talk show.  This is regardless of whether the content is geeky or not.  However thanks to various podcasts I was introduced through Chooch and Viv, I found the Audio Dramas, the Podcast Novel, the Podcast Anthologies and the Podcast story collections.  These types of podcasts showcase the talent of writers.  Many of whom do not have major publication deals.  In the last few years they have started offering their works in digital book formats.  Even if the podcasts are free, show your support of any talent whose work you enjoy.  The more you support them, the more content they will offer.

Byron Chronicles

Byron Chronicles is an audio drama podcast set in Portland and made by a Portlander, Eric Busby.  It is a decent Urban Fantasy/ Horror show.  It does not have a regular schedule, but it is worth the wait.  It does not have the stereotypical tragically hip Vampires.  Vampires here are menacing.  If you want an Urban Fantasy that breaks the tropes of the genre, check this out.

The Shared Desk

Tee Morris and Philippa “Pip” Ballantine are well known podcast Novelists.  They also are married to each other.  Shared Desk is their podcast that center on writing and what it means to be a writer.  Due to their history in Podcasting, they cover that subject quite often.  They talk about what they are doing, what interests them and geek/ nerd and podcast culture.  They also have guests in publishing and other writers, who talk about what it takes in today changing paradigm.

Accidental Housewives

 Another Funemployment Radio Network Show, the hosts are Nate Ayling, Kaebel Hashitani and Royal Hebert.  All three are recently unemployed Gentlemen who found themselves with female significant others as the household breadwinners.  As their tagline says they are over educated under employed.  The show talks about the travails of being unemployed in today’s economic situation.  They talk about the new phenomenon of the male homemaker.  It includes tips about dealing with the Employment Office, and dinner recipes.  They use their experiences as fodder for the show.  They are a weekly show. UPDATE: Sadly the site is down.  Looks like this podcast is gone.

Leviathan Chronicles

The Leviathan Chronicles is a full cast audio drama Podcast.  It melds a world wide conspiracy with Science Fiction.  It has the elements of a spy thriller with a conspiratorial historical mystery.  So Bounre meets the Da Vinci Code is kind of what it is like.  It however is so much more than just that. The mystery is what is Leviathan and what it is up to.  After a three year hiatus the second season is up and running.  They are on a bi-weekly schedule. 

Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences: Tales of the Archives

This is another Podcast from Morris and Ballantine.  This one is a short story anthology based in their Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences world.  Their setting is a Victorian Steampunk Alternate world.  Many of the Authors are from the Podcast community.  The stories try to flush out the setting by going places the novels, which are written by Morris and Ballantine, do not.  These stories are also available to purchase in e-book formats.  Either way, brew a pot of tea, sit and enjoy these tales.  This show has an irregular schedule.

Shadow Publications

This is Paul Eldard Cooley’s Podcast feed.  Everything from short stories, novellas, novelettes, essays and novels are in this blog.  Mr. Cooley tends to be very adult in his work so not safe for kids or work.  He does a lot of in the Thriller and Horror genres.    This is definitely not for the squeamish.  So just don’t say I did not warn you.  Shows come out irregularly.


This is Seth Harwood’s Crime genre podcast it is mostly short stories from various crime writers.  If it is hardboiled, Noir, gritty or anything along those lines it is in here.  Not always cops but definitely robber represented here.  This is not safe for work or kids.  Some of the stories will shock you.  This feed drops irregularly, but worth the wait.

SpecFic Media’s Beyond the Wall Podcast

This is a Game of Thrones round table discussion Podcast.  P.G. Holyfield is the moderator and it includes Chooch, Viv, Nuchtchas, and Christiana Ellis.  They cover each episode each week.  They go into in depth discussion of the characters and plot points.  All but Chooch have read the books.  Chooch being the newbie gives a fresh perspective to the show.  They do not take themselves too seriously.  There is also a video version on YouTube.  They only podcast during the regular run of the show.  They usually have a pre-season and a post-season episode as well.  They include clips from the show they are discussing.  They have fun with interesting polls in which they audience can participate.  For instance how many Freys are mentioned or shown in an episode.  If you enjoy Game of Thrones, you may have a good time with Beyond the Wall from SpecFic Media.  During the regular Game of Thrones Season they are on a weekly schedule.

The Gearheart

The Gearheart is a Steampunk/ Fantasy Audio drama podcast.  Since the first novel is done the feed has had sporadic drops of various short stories set in the same setting.  Although it is Steampunk to me it is more reminiscent of the pulps as opposed to Penny Dreadfuls.   Not all the short stories are from Alex White the Author for the first Novel, but they are just as good.  Mr. White also does the music as well, which is available for purchase.  He ends some of his podcasts with imaginary ads for imaginary products that are quite humorous.  It is worth it to listen.

Welcome to That Whole Thing

Cort Webber and Bobby Roberts just could not stay away.  The format is different.  It is a weekly show.  They stay within the usual 45 minutes to hour length of their former show Cort and Fatboy.  They no longer have guests.    It is usually a discussion of the week’s events in news and pop culture.   They still have that sharp rapport they have always had with each other.  In a way they brought back Bobby’s Dirty laundry as an hour long weekly show.  Their snarky irreverence is still intact.  Since they are in Portland, Oregon, they do get very local with some discussions, however many of these can carry over to any community.  UPDATE:  This show ended in November of 2014.

Big and Loud Podcast

Big Jim Willig and Don Frost host this comedy show.  They are off the cuff and wild, covering their own histories, current events and pop culture.  They style is a little off kilter and no holds barred.  Nothing is sacred here, everything is fair game.  They do not even let the facts deter the humorous cavalcade.  Not Safe for Work or Kids, but definitely fun.  Remember humor is subjective so this might not be for everyone.  This Shows has three Episodes a Week, dropping on Monday Wednesday and Friday.   UPDATE:  After serious technical issues the podcast is in hiatus for new episodes.  There is talk of a new site and starting over.  As of June 12, 2015 no new site.

The Nerd Out

The Nerd Out is a Female centric Nerd/ Geek Culture Podcast from the Greater Los Angeles area.  Lisa and Ritzy P. give the audience the lady nerd perspective.  Both are involved in the L.A. Art and entertainment communities there.  They talk about their Pop culture passions and their point of view of the nerd community in general.  They try to have guests that intrigue them on as often as permitted.  These ladies know what they are talking about.  This show tends to be Monthly.

Boy Howdy Podcast

The Boy Howdy Podcast is a Pop Culture Podcast starring Bill Mudron, Portland area Artist, and Anne E.  They cover everything from Comic Books, Video games, TV Movies and all sorts of Pop Culture.  First thing is they are very Video Game centric, since both hosts are huge video gamers, at least compared to yours truly.  They have been known to have panel shows discussing, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who and more.  Since both has connections to the Portland, Oregon Comic Book Creative community, many Artists, Writers and others from that community show up as guests.  The show tends to be between 90 minutes and 2 and a half hours.  Longer shows have been known to drop in the feed.  The show has an unrestrained exuberance and sense of glee.  This is a weekly podcast.

Monster Kid Radio

Derek M. Koch’s new podcast is about the monster movies of the 1930’s - 1960’s.  He has covered some non-horror monster movies like the Day the Earth Stood Still and The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad.  The common theme is the ear and there is a monstrous creature in the film.  Derek brings in guests who have a good handle of the subject matter, usually writers, podcasters, bloggers and other creative types.  Derek himself is also a fan.  Derek has had a few other podcasts, so he is not new to podcasting.  This however is the first one I was introduced to.  So far he has been posting two shows a week.  If you like Classic horror and genre films this is the podcast for you.

Obviously Oblivious

Tha Mike Pilot has another show; this one is with South Philly Paul.  I love the interviews on this show.  Tha Mike Pilot Missed his calling, forget Larry King its all Mike.  This show much like other shows with Tha Mike, have an irreverent streak to them.  If you don’t like it forget you, Mike does it because of his own passions.  He interviews people he finds interesting and thinks so should you.


BCXradio AKA Beyond Comix Radio is the show for Fanboys with a Life.  Host D. Jacob Ryals and his group of revolving guests go into other geeky interest other than comic books.  They do reserve they right to go there if they desire.  This is another geeky Punk related show.  The show is also extremely grounded in the Portland, Oregon Comedy scene, since Mr. Ryals is an up and coming comedian himself.  The host is a recent transplant to the Rose City, but this is a refreshing view compared to the many jaded local podcasters.

So here we are on my podcast choices.  I have listened to more but this is all my current and recent choices.  This Is My Not So Humble Opinion.

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