Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What’s In A Name?

Recently I was at the 2013 Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, Oregon.  I told folks about my Blog, A Recovering Ubergeek.  Where did that come from?  The blog originated from essays from my MySpace page circa 2007 to 2008.  In 2009 when I started my Facebook page, I decided to put my thoughts down in a blog.  The name originally it came from me recovering from being an Ubergeek.  I was in a tragically horrible abusive relationship.  My Ex did some weird things.  First she was very controlling.  She was very sick and had many things she could not control, so she controlled what she thought she could.  That included me.  Stupid me, I allowed it.  She allowed me to buy my comics, but I would get in trouble if she caught me reading them.  Same thing with my video games, animation and other thing I liked she did not care for.  For a geeky person herself, she had weird ideas what obsessions were acceptable and not.  When I started my blog that is where I was in my head.  That is also why my posts were kind of light. 

After a long talk with Kaebel Hashitani of Sequential Art + Gallery, I decided to start writing more.  I had a few false starts with fiction.  I decided to work on blog posts instead.  With that I started to talk about my journey.  In that bad relationship I lost much of what and who I was.  I gave up so much to make it work.  A relationship where one person is the only one willing to put anything into it, won’t work. Mine had not worked in almost a decade.  After a discovery I decided for my safety and self preservation I needed to go.  In the year and a half since then I have been rediscovering who and what I am.  I am also learning who I want to be. 

I have begun recovering my Ubergeekiness.  I have been displaying my action figures.  I have been catching up on many comic books, although I had almost four years of floppy comics I was behind on, so I sold them and I am starting over there.  I am watching shows and movies that I was discouraged from seeing.  I have been going to Geek events and I am trying to become more a part of the Portland Geek Community.  I am still not much a gamer, but that is who I am.  I am reexamining what I like what I don’t.  I no longer have someone in my ear trying to tell me what to think.  I have people whose opinions I respect, but we don’t always agree. That is a good thing.  Being in my Forties I try to help folks discover new things.  Younger folks, I suggest stuff that influenced what they like from the recent works.  Folks in my age group I suggest newer stuff.  Most of those in the geek community are more current than general.  I try to help people learn of new stuff.  I am, myself, still learning about myself and everything around me.  That Is My Not So Humble Opinion.

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