Wednesday, January 1, 2014


In 2013 there were quite a few goals I set for myself.  A few did not happen, new job, the Epic WINTer Formal, the Swashbuckler’s Ball, Don’t Stop the Serenity, seeing Muse live and few films in the theater.  I did accomplish a lot more that was chronicled in A Bit of Reflection.  I had a few goals regarding this blog.  I decided to dedicate this blog to recovering who I am and some of what I lost.  It was not to be too obvious about it for the most part.  I did a few articles where I came out and said what was going on and had been.  I have created friendships and connections. 

In January I wanted 24 articles for 2013 I accomplished 25 at the beginning of November.  I had not posted them I had them completed.  In July when my blog hit 1,000 hits I hoped it could get to 2,000 by the end of the year.  This article is a celebration of the 2,000 hits goal.  Including this article I have over half of the year 2014 articles finished.  2014 will have only one new article a month.  The reason for this is I am going to get back into fiction writing again.  To do that, I am going to half my blog output.  Once I get work I am going to work into getting a place closer to Portland, Oregon.  Then upgrade computers and then there is a project I am thinking about doing.  If that happens, things may change here radically.  Change is not bad, for me it has been extremely good.

I would like thank some folks for their support, encouragement, and inspiration.  Some of you I have only interacted with through the internet, I do my best to meet any local folks in person.   Most I know, a few I do not; but they inspired me all the same:  Kaebel Hashitani, Atomic Arts, Aaron Duran, Scott Dally, Andrew McIntire, Elisabeth Allie, Chooch and Viv Schubert, Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine, Scott Sigler, Nathan Lowell, Chris Lester, Charles de Lint and MaryAnn Harris, Dan Clark, Kielen King, Vicki Dunn and Wilton Merritt, Riley Crowder, Andy Yerman and Laura Evankovich, Dawn Taylor and Patrick Hurley, Royal and Jessica Hebert, Jaime Kirk, PDXYar, Greg Nibler, Sarah X Dylan, Funemployment Radio Network, Chronicles of the Nerds, Mikey Neilson, Ibrahim Moustafa, Allen Bethel, Jeff “DJ Switch” Sorensen, Ken Texley, Bobby Roberts, Cort Webber, Byron Beck, Mike Russell, Melissa Booker, Sean Stutzman, Jenny and Adam Hieronymus, Cheryl Kanekoa, Derek M. Koch, Eric Busby, David Walker, Tha Mike Pilot, Eric and Hope Tomorrow, Steam Powered Giraffe, Bunny Bennett, Lana Wachowski, Riona Eire, Nance Cedar and her family, Charles Radley and Sirene Darrell, Kevin and Dina Bryson, Jesse Graff and Rebecca Rummel-Graff, Nathan Ayling, Michael Ring, Podiobooks, Things from Another World, Julian Moraga, Alton Brown, Quentin Riggs, Stanley Perez, William Wylde, April and Damon Gallaty, In One Day Radio, Kevin Palm, Guardian Games, Tim Richey, Steven Moon, Lorna Donegan, Paul E. Cooley, Gail Carriger, Mur Lafferty, P.G. Holyfiled, Bridge City Comics, Christiana Ellis, Neil Gaiman, Steve H. Wilson, Andrew Walker, Kristen Bowie, Robert Wagner formerly of, Todd Werkhoven, Jeff Futzer, Jim Willig, Abigail Hilton, Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett, Mike and Emily Myers, Aaron and Beverly Myers, Scott Backinger, Peter Albini, Dallas Christopher, Charles McFall, Matthew Wayne Selznick, Alica Orme, Dante Ross, Sara Ivette, Ted Naifeh, Kip Manley, Andrew Hill, Chris Todd, Bob Weyer, Courtnry and Katie Case, Kari Fredheim Goglin, Tristan Mayer, Matt Grigsby, Karen Edwards, James Sinclair, Geek in the City Radio and Comics, Scott Douglas, Ann Nystrom, Dan Bozyk, Lisa and Brian Wood, Rian Jeong, Seth Harwood, and many more.  Sorry if I did not mention you specifically.  Those I forgot to mention are still in my heart.

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