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Geek Chic Playlist

When I put out my Holiday music playlist, it was not the one I had originally planned to put on my blog.  This one includes all sort of geeky stuff.  There are obscure podcast references here. This playlist includes themes and songs from TV and Films.  Many have either a nerdy/ geeky following or are part of the geek/ nerd culture.  This playlist is constantly growing and expanding.   

Its All About the Pentiums- Weird Al Yankovic  Computer Nerdery meets Hip Hop  Some of the terms here are seriously obsolete.

Buffy the Vampire Slyer Theme by Nerf Herder  Whedon=Nerdy

Fight Music- Fatboy Roberts  Drum beat + Fight Theme from Original Star Trek

Short Skirt/ Long Jacket- Cake   An Instrumental version was the Theme for Nerd culture favorite Chuck

Boss of Me- They Might Giants  This was the theme to Malcolm in the Middle a Nerd culture favorite TV Show.  They Might Be Giants have been big in Nerd and Geek Culture since the 90’s.

Code Monkey- Jonathan Coulton  Jonathan Coulton has gained a serious Geek following via the internet and this song about code monkeys and their desires is a big part of it. 

Misirlou- Dick Dale  This is from Pulp Fiction  Tarantino is big in the Geek and Nerd Culture so songs that appeared in his films will be in here.

Online Predator- The Punk Group   It is very techno and reminiscent of another nerd band Devo.  Discovered this from the La Luna local music show on KUFO in Portland, Oregon.

Geek’s Delight- Kielen King  One of Kielen’s Geek in the City Themes

Fanboy- the great Luke Ski  Parody of Cowboy by Kid Rock.  The great Luke Ski is one of the early Nerdcore guys.

Jocko Homo- Devo   One of the original Geeky Pop Icons.  This is the song that include the famous line, “We are not men, we are Devo.”

White & Nerdy- Weird Al Yankovic  Weird Al giving the Geek/Nerd community more love. 

Still Alive- Jonathan Coulton+ GLaDOS  This is the version from Portal.  Jonathan Coulton plus Video game equals more geek cred.

In the Garage-Weezer  Definitely considered a Geeky Rock act.  This song mentions KISS and characters from the X-Men.

How did my TiVo Forget?- Beatnik Turtles  The Beatnik Turtles wrote a song a day for a year and was a internet project.  It is the Theme for the Tuning into SciFi TV Podcast.

Angel Theme- Darling Violetta   Another Whedonverse theme

Big Bang Theory Theme- Barenaked Ladies  Both the show and the band are part of geek culture.  

Fat Girls on Bicycles- The Punk Group  Reminiscent of Queen’s Fat Bottom Girls and Bicycle Race merged and done by Devo.

(Do You Want To Day My) Avatar- The Guild  One of the Songs the Cast of the Guild did to help promote their web based show.

Peter Parker- the great Luke Ski  Marvel Superhero fun.

Dare to Be Stupid-Weird Al Yankovic  Weird Al’s Style Parody of Devo.  Mark Mothersbaugh has said he hates that Al perfected the Devo style with the song.

Super Powers- Ookla the Mok   A tribute to all superheroes and their origins

The Elements- Ton Lehrer  Using the tune of the Major-General's Song from The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan, Lehrer recites the Periodic table of Elements as known in 1959.

Heineken- The Punk Group  A Tribute to Blue Velvet and Dennis Hooper’s line about Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Fistful of Rupees- Fatboy Roberts  Zelda meets Ennio Morricone, the King of Spaghetti Western Soundtracks.

Firefly Theme- Greg Edmondson and Sonny Rhodes  Another Whedonverse Classic

Battle Without Honor or Humanity- Tomoyasu Hotei  This is the iconic piece from Kill Bill Volume 1.

Knock Knock- Fatboy Roberts  Fatboy’s foray into a Doctor Who Remix.
Re: Your Brains- Jonathan Coulton  Coulton’s Zombie Classic

Freedom of Choice- Devo Another Devo Classic, it is full of clichés.

Keelhauled- Alestorm  Pirate Metal, definitely a nerdy combo.

Little Green Bag- George Baker Selection  From Reservoir Dogs.

Istanbul- They Might Be Giants   A 1930’s Classic covered by a Nerd favorite.

House Party at Arkham Asylum- the great Luke Ski   The inmates party down in this song.

Tight End Wide Receiver- The Punk Group  This song pokes fun at the homo-eroticism of American Football.

Stuck in the Middle with You- Stealers Wheels  The Iconic Song from one of the most intense scenes from Reservoir Dogs.

One Week- Barenaked Ladies  This the song that includes references to Kurosawa and Aquaman.  Not more nerdy than that.

Playing for Keeps- Beatnik Turtle  From their Song a day project.  This was made as the theme song for the Playing for Keeps Podcast novel by Mur Lafferty.  The Novel is about Z-list super powered folks.

You’re  My Girl- Sharif  This was the theme to the Into the Blender Podcast by Chooch and Viv.  These people and Cort and Bobby got me into Podcasts.

Malaguena Salerosa- Chingon  Robert Rodriguez’ band doing a song for Kill Bill Volume 2.

Don’t Make Me Destroy You- Fatboy Roberts  Fatboy and Star Wars, what’s not to like?

Skullcrusher Mountain- Jonathan Coulton  Supervillain wonderfulness from Coutlon

The Guitar- They Might Be Giants   They Might Be Giants first hit.

If I Had a $1,000,000- Barenaked Ladies  Another good song from Barenaked Ladies, about what one could do with a million dollars

Strawberry Letter 23- The Brothers Johnson  A Seventies hit from the Jackie Brown Soundtrack, Tarantino soundtrack goodness

Canción del Mariachi (Morena de Mi Corazón)- Antonio Banderas   This is the Mariachi’s song from Robert Rodriguez’ Desperado.

Tank- Rayzd  This is from Cowboy Bebop and Ham-Fisted Radio’s Theme

Flash- Queen  From the wonderfully cheesy Sci-Fi Film Flash Gordon

Everybody Knows- Leonard Chen  This is from both Pump Up The Volume and was the original theme for Funemployment Radio.

Torchwood Theme  The Theme to the Doctor Who Spinoff

Troublemaker- Weezer  Weezer again, this time about being a troublemaker.

Pinch Me- Barenaked Ladies  This included some of the same rapid fire delivery that one finds in One Week.

Three Panel Philosophies- Fatboy Roberts  Fatboy re-Doing Linus and Lucy.

Start Wearing Purple- Gogol Bordello  I heard this Gypsy Punk song on Ham-Fisted Radio

Jack the Ripper- Link Wray  This is also from Desperado

The Metal- Tenacious D  A great song about metal from Jack Black and Company.

Bad Things- Jace Everett  The Theme from True Blood.

Supermassive Black Hole- Muse  This was used by various TV shows and Films

How Soon Is Now- Love Spit Love  This was the theme for The Film The Craft and the TV show Charmed

Planet Claire- The B-52’s  Another Classic Geeky/ Nerdy Band this continues their 50’s B- Movie Motif

Happy Boy- Beat Farmers-  This is a weird absurd song and fun.

Doctor Who Theme  Doctor Who is a Geek/ Nerd Institution like Star Trek so needed representation on the playlist

X-Files Theme (DADO Paranormal Activity Mix)  This show and theme are again geeky and nerdy institutions

Excess- Tricky  This was the Theme for the Thirteen Ghosts remake and the TV Show Glory Days.  It has been used on Queen of the Damned too.

Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix)- New Order  This was from the Blood Bath scene from the Blade Film.

Knights of Cydonia- Muse  This is a amalgamation of Queen, Telstar and Ennio Morricone.  Not Geeky in itself, being a music geek I put it in the playlist for its mixing so many genres.

7th Son Theme Remix- J.C. Hutchins  This includes several songs by Celldweller.  7th Son was a podcast Novel Trilogy from J.C. Hutchins

Saturday Morning- Fatboy Roberts   Fatboy mixes Mahna Mahna with Cartoon Theme songs

Uprising- Muse  I like Muse they may not be geeky but I put quite a few of their songs here

Chiron Beta Prime- Jonathan Coulton  Science Fiction Christmas Song

Buddy Holly-Weezer  Weezer is Geeky and so is Buddy Holly.  The Happy Days Video makes it even nerdier

The End Is The Beginning Is The End- Smashing Pumpkins   This was used on the Batman and Robin Soundtrack

Hallelujah- Leonard Cohen  This was used in the Watchman Soundtrack

Buy Me A Condo- Weird Al Yankovic   Al’s reggae original

Take A Bow- Muse  This has been used for the Watchmen Trailer and other Film Trailers as well

Creepy Doll- Jonathan Coulton  Coulton’s Twilight Zone Episode or Horror Film type song

Pruit Igoe & Prophecies- Philip Glass  This is also from Watchmen.

Pork and Beans- Weezer  Weezer having fun.

Red + Blue- Fatboy Roberts   Fatboy remixes the Superman Themes

The Bad Touch- The Bloodhound Gang  Any song that talks about doing it doggie style to watch X-Files is a bit geeky

Le Disko- Shiny Toy Guns  This is Reminiscent of Missing Persons and Berlin.  It is here for my Music Geekiness.

Ooh La La- Goldfrapp  This reminds me of 70’s Glam Rock.

Run Runaway- Great Big Sea   This is an 80’s Slade song done by a Canadian Folk band.  This mix seemed Nerdy to me

Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World- Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole  This has been on various Film and TV Shows.  Nerdy because it melds two Standards with Hawaiian Music

Chrysalis- Chrysalis  This was used as the Theme song for Podcast Novelist Phil Rossi’s Crescent Podcast Novel

Ring Capacity- Kirby Krackle   The Band are part of the Geek/Nerd Community.  The song is about the Green Lantern Corps

More Metal Than You- Brian Posehn   Posehn is Nerdy himself, so his song about being more metal is definitely there

Doctorin’ The Tardis- Timelords  The original Doctor Who Remix

CNR- Weird Al Yankovic  Weird Al doing a Jack White Style Parody about Charles Nelson Reilly, which itself is a geeky subject matter

The Presidents- Jonathan Coulton  History and Coulton are a great combination

Game On (Feat. Sandeep Parikh & Felicia Day)- The Guild   The Guild again this time doing a Bolywood style song.

Ur Rawk Ist Innefishunt- Courage  Courage is Greg Nibler’s, from Funemployment Radio, Butt Rock parody band.

Pull Me Under- Dream Theater  This is here because it used to be Rick Emerson’s Theme Song.

Doctor?- Orbital  A decent Remix of the Doctor Who theme by Techno group Orbital

Gorey Demise- Creature Feature  A somewhat scary rendition of an Edward Gorey poem. 

The Guild Theme song  It is the Guild a recent Geek Institution

Long Hard Times to Come (From "Justified") [feat. T.O.N.E-Z]- Gangstagrass  Theme from Justified that also mixes Hip-Hop with Bluegrass

This Life- Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers  This is the Theme Song from Sons of Anarchy

ÜR Rawk is Inefficient (SunBurst Remix by Jak)- Courage  This is a Courage Remix

Derezzed- Daft Punk   Daft Punk and Tron: Legacy  Definitely in the geek Wheelhouse

People are Strange- Echo and The Bunnymen   This was from the Lost Boys Soundtrack

Mexican Blackbird- ZZ Top  ZZ Top classic found in From Dusk Till Dawn which is Rodriguez and Tarantino.

GITC (Honor, Glory, and Beer)- Kielen King  Another Geek in the City Theme

G33k & G4M3R Girls- Team Unicorn   Here is Parody of Katy Perry's California Gurls with Seth Green rapping.

Famous in Portland- Buttery Lords  Great song about being “famous” in Portland

Ur Podcast- Kielen King   An Original Theme for Funemployment Radio which included samples of Ur Rawk Ist Innefishunt.

Opening Band- Paul & Storm  Great song about being the opening band.

Roll A D6- Assorted Intricacies  A song that is a parody of Far East Movement's song Like a G6.

Space Oddity- David Bowie  This Glam Classic is one of the first Science Fiction Rock songs.

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me- U2   A song from Batman Forever with a great animated video.

New Math- Tom Lehrer  Tom Lehrer covers new math in a song

Doctor? (2004)- Orbital  A Live version of this song from Glastonbury festival.  One year they had help from the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith.

Banana Splits- The Dickies  A Cover of the Banana Splits song from the Cartoon show from the Kick-Ass Soundtrack

Metal By Numbers- Brian Posehn    Posehn lays down the steps in creating the perfect metal song

Game of Thrones Theme- WhiteNoise Lab A metal/ Hard rock version of the theme

Knives and Lint- Fatboy Roberts  Fatboy remixes the Dark Knights Soundtrack

Plasma Shells- Kielen King  This is from Star Pilot’s Lament a Science Fiction Hip-Hop album

Princes of the Universe- Queen  This was the theme for the Highlander films and TV Series.  

Life on Mars?- David Bowie  Theme and Show name for the BBC Show Life on Mars

Code Monkey (live)- Jonathan Coulton  Coulton has a new version of his signature song from Best. Concert. Ever. Album

Spiderman (TV Theme Cover)- Ramones  This is a cover of the 1960’s TV Animated series.

Perform This Way- Weird Al Yankovic  Weird Al parodies Lady Gaga’s Born this way.  He is poking fun at her antics.

The Shield Theme- Ernesto J. Bautista, Rodney Alejandro & Vivian Ann Romero   The Theme to the TV show The Shield.

Drives Us Bats- James Arnold Taylor; John Dimaggio; Kevin Michael Richardson; Neil Patrick Harris; Tom Kenny   This is from the Musical episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

The Lonely Man Theme- Joe Harnell, Arr & Dennis Mccarthy  This is from the 1970’s Incredible Hulk TV Show.  This has been parodied quite a bit.

Green Hornet- Billy May  The Theme to green Hornet which is a variation of The Flight of the Bumblebee by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

Blood and Roses- Smithereens  This was used in the 1980 Teen Movie Dangerously Close and Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.

I Am The Law- Anthrax   This is a song about Judge Dredd by a band that are serious comic book and horror geeks.

Major Tom- Peter Schilling  A response song to Space Oddity.

Ashes to Ashes- David Bowie  Another Major Tom song and the Theme for the Sequel series to Life On Mars called Ashes to Ashes.

Revenge of the Nerds- Verbal  Verbal’s look into being into Nerd Culture and Hip Hop Culture

Diamonds- Steam Powered Giraffe  A hauntingly beautiful cover of Rhianna’s Diamonds.  Steam Powered Giraffe is this wonderful blend of Steampunk, musical Theater and folk.  Their premise is they are a trio of robots from the 1800’s.

The Shield   This is the longer version of the Shield Theme

She Blinded Me with Science- Thomas Dolby  Science and Techo how much more nerdy can you get

Journey of the Sorcerer- The Eagles  The BBC used this song as the theme for the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Audio dramas and TV show

The Late Late Show Theme- Craig Ferguson  Ferguson’s Late Night Talk show has become very Geek Friendly.  It also helps that he is one of us.

Ballad of Bones 2- Warp 11  Warp 11 a Trek themed Punk band with a song about Doctor McCoy

The Immigrant Song- Trent Reznor  This is from the them of the English language version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Geek Like Me- The Wonderstrucks  Rick Emerson’s band doing a song about being a Geek.

Cup of Brown Joy (with Professor Elemental)- Tom Curuana  Chap Hop Classic about the Wonders of Tea

Science Fiction/ Double Feature- Richard O’Brien  This is the opening song from Rocky Horror Picture Show

George RR Martin is Not Your Bitch- John Anealio  A Song about the speed Rm. Martin writes and the impatience of the fans

Electronic Istanbul (Not Constantinople)- They Might Be Giants  A New Cover of the Song They Might Be Giants reintroduced to folks

Harry Potter Metal Theme  Good Song I have no idea who performed this

Misty Mountains  This is from the Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey

Doctor Who Cold Open- Craig Ferguson   Craig does a song about his favorite Science Fiction Show

What a Geek Believes- Rick Emerson   Emerson’s screed from his late talk show.

Fire Fire (Live)- Steam Powered Giraffe  The Live version of from La Jolla Palyhouse in Sand Diego 2013.  The song was originally a solo song by member David Michael Bennett.  This version is with the whole band. 

Weird Science- Oingo Boingo  Theme for the Weird Science Film but also a geeky band and subject matter

Ca Plane Pour Moi- Plastic Bertrand   This was used by Craig Ferguson as a cold open for his show.

D&D- S. J. Tucker  Cool song about D&D.

Fighting Trousers- Professor Elemental  This first Chap hop beef with Mr. B the Gentlemen Rhymer.

(I’m the One That’s) Cool- The Guild  Great song about how Geeks are now Chic

Superhero- The Low  An Early Kielen King Hip hop Song

Set Your Phaser to F***- Warp 11  A song about a certain Starfleet Captain’s studliness.

The Motherfucking Pterodactyl Song- Sarah Donner  Dinosaurs are definitely Nerdy

Baby Monkey (Going Backwards On A Pig)- Parry Grip  Fun song based on a YouTube video meme

Game of Thrones Violin Cover- James Yang    Wonderful Violin cover of the song

Just Like a Chap- Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer  Another Chap Hop Classic

I Love It- Steam Powered Giraffe  Another cover this time the Steampunk trio does Icona Pop’s I Love It.

Blunt the Knives  This is another Dwarven song from Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey.

Run To the Hills- Metalachi  A Mariachi Cover of Iron Maiden’s Run To the Hills

Game of Thrones- Dominik Omega & The Arcitype Remix  A hip hop version of Games of Thrones

Glory of the Sun- Adam Warrock  A song about the Orson Scott Card and Superman controversy

Nothing to Prove- The Doubleclicks  Their song about the whole fake Geek Girl bull crap

Grandma’s House- Kirby Krackle   Geeks and their Grandmothers, enough said

Write Like the Wind (George R. R. Martin)- Paul & Storm  They take the side of the impatient Fans hoping Mr. Martin increases his writing speed.

Thunderstruck- 2 Cellos  Two Cellists play AC/DC’s classic song and it is badass.

Rage of Thrones- Axis of Awesome  An Australian Nerd/ Geeky comedy trio using Rage Against The Machine’s style to convey their irritation with the Johnny come latelys to the Song of Ice and Fire bandwagon.

Cello Wars- Piano Guys  A cello rendition of the Star Wars themes in a medley.

Pachelbel Rant- Rob Paravonian  A wonderful musical comedian points out how many musicians had lifted the chord progression from Pachelbel’s Cannon in D.

Evolution in Music- Pentatonix   An A Capella medley of great music and musical movement by Pentatonix.

Gandhi Vs/ Martin Luther King, Jr.- Epic Rap Battles of History  Epic Rap Battle of history pit MLK, Jr. versus Gandhi with Key and Peele and the battlers. 

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger- Steam Powered Giraffe  Steam Powered Giraffe covers the other Robotic Pop act, Daft Punk.  This is a stripped down version but entertaining as hell. 

Rap Viper- Wordburglar  One of the greats in Nerdcore Rap doing his homage to G.I. Joe: The Real American Hero’s Arch-Nemesis Cobra.

Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen  It was in one of the Geekiest Rock Films Wayne’s World and its sheer operatic-ness  makes it prime for the Nerd Rockers in all of us.  

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