Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Children's Ward Terror

{Author's Note: I decided to present a poem from my University days.  This piece I consider my best in poetry.  Mind you, I have only written a handful over the years.  Essays and prose are my preferred formats.  This poem is also about my being 3 to 6 in hospitals.  I spent a good deal of time in them back then.  I hope folks enjoy this}

Those days I remember
They were alright,
With the scent of antiseptic
And baby formula flooding the air.

I had been there before,
My Doctor understood
How I felt.
The playroom was not enough
I had to run,
Go fast as possible
On my two feet.
I could not stay in one place.
The grown-ups did not like it,
My running in the hallways
Or having fun.

When I ran the halls alone
I was the one who counted.
I would race anyone,
It did not matter
If they were on foot
Or in a wheelchair.
It was just those of us,
Those who had the same need.
The Nurses scolded us.
They told us,
“You will wake the babies.”
We did not care about the babies.

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