Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Reading Guide

As many have realized my blog comes in various flavors.  There are my very personal articles that cover my personal journey of recovery.  I have my Pop Culture and Me articles about my history with a particular part of popular culture. My opinion pieces about the state of things are another kind of work I have written.  Then finally we have my pop culture pieces and recently my playlists.   Here I am going to provide a few lists of the articles on my blog based on their content. The lists will be in Chronological order of the articles’ release.  Unlike other pieces this one will change as I write more. 

Pop Culture & Me

My Personal Journey Articles

State of Popular Culture Articles

Comic Book Articles

Shazam It
A League of My Own
Uncanny Metaphors
Comic Books & Me
Shazam Surprise Surprise
Animation & Me
CrossGen Comics
DC Comics & Me
Marvel Comics & Me
Marvelously Disneyfied
New 52 Pick Up
Grim & Gritty
Marvelously Obscure

Disney Properties Articles

Uncanny Metaphors
Star Wars & Me
Disney & Me
Amusement Parks & Me
CrossGen Comics
Marvel Comics & Me
Marvelously Disneyfied
Marvelously Obscure


Wham Bam Thank You Glam 
Composite Rocker
Nardcore WTF
Jerry's Kids
Rush & Me
Heavy Metal & Me
Weird Al & Me
Rush & Me Part II
Geek Chic Playlist
Rush & Me Part III
Country for Outsiders
David Bowie & Me


Podcast Excellence
Fun with Podcasting
More Fun with Podcasting


Plastic Freaks
Fang Me
Fantasy Schmantasy 

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