Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More Podcasty Goodness

As we enter in the last quarter of 2014, I realize there are a few podcasts I have not covered yet. A few of these I discovered this year and others I just forgot to include them.  This will be the shortest of the Podcast write-up articles.  That is because most of the really good stuff has been covered earlier on the blog. 

The Disney, Indiana Podcast

The Disney, Indiana Podcast is hosted by husband and wife team Scott and Tracey Morris.  As the title implies they are podcasting from the state of Indiana.  They offer listeners residency to the imaginary town of Disney, Indiana.  I even have an address and it is 1957 El Camino del Zorro, Disney, Indiana.  The show is about all things Disney: the parks, the resorts, the cruise line, Disney proper, Marvel, Pixar, the Muppets, Lucasfilm and many more divisions and properties of Disney.  From time to time they present audio from Park attractions and music from anything under the Disney banner. They have a great time with each other, the subject matter, and the show.  They are a fun Bi-Weekly podcast.

The Alton Browncast (The first 49 podcasts) (The succeeding podcasts starting with episode 50.  Lat episode was episode 59, launched December 5th, 2014)

Alton Brown from Food Network had a podcast on the Nerdist Network.  His last show was in June of 2014.   The show returned in October with a new feed.  He started with multiple segments then became an interview show.  He does not just interview Chef and television personalities.  He has interviews with people in the culinary world with unique and interesting perspectives.  The show is worth a try to anyone interested in cooking and food.

Christiana Ellis/ Space Casey/ Nina Kimberly the Merciless/ Shallow Thoughts

I have mentioned Christiana before as a panel member of The Beyond the Wall Podcast and the Consumption Podcast.  I had encountered her before with her Podcast novels in Podiobooks and her Shallow Thoughts podcast.  Nina Kimberly the Merciless is a Fantasy Comedy podcast Novel and Space Casey is Space Opera Comedy.  She is known for her irreverent humor and definitely is a fan of Monty Python.  Warning eating and listening to Christiana can be hazardous to your health.

The Worlds of Abigail Hilton/ The Prophet of Panamindorah

I mentioned Abigail Hilton’s Guild of the Cowry Catchers podcast of that series of books.  I forgot to mention the first set of books she podcast set in the same world as Cowry Catchers.  The Prophet of Panamindoroah is a young adult style trilogy where as Cowry Catchers was a mature audiences series.   Most folks discover this first.  Sorry I forgot to mention the first series.  They are very different, but same world and same author.  The Worlds of Abigail Hilton Podcast releases two shows a week.  The first is an old but not forgotten piece of podcasted short fiction.  Her second podcast of the week is discussion, fan feedback and personal updates.  Abbie is thoughtful and interesting.

Comic Book Central

Comic Books Central is a podcast about what its catchphrase says it is, “Where Comic Books come to life.”  It is an interview show with folks who have brought Comic Book Characters to TV or Film in either live action or animation.  The host is Joe Stuber, also from the IndyCast.  He interviews actors, producers, directors, and show runners of these adaptations.  He has interviewed Erin Gray, Lou Ferrigno, William Katt, Stan Lee and many more.  A good deal of it is centered on the 70’s and 80’s TV and Film, but he has covered more including the Marvel Films and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.   It is a great interview show.

1951 Down Place

1951 Down Place is a Hammer Horror film podcast.  Its hosts are Derek Koch, of Monster Kid Radio and formerly of the Mail Order Zombie podcast, Scott Morris, of the Disney, Indiana Podcast, and Casey Criswell of Cinema Fromage, Bloody Good Horror, and the Instomatic Podcast.   Hammer Films are films produced from Hammer Studios in the U.K.  They are mostly known for Horror from the 50’s to the 60’s.  Derek and Casey are the old veteran fans and Scott is the newbie.  They discuss a new film every month.   As of October of 2014 they have covered 37 films.  It is wonderful discussion of everything that made Hammer interesting.

Radio Free Nerdcore

Radio Free Nerdcore is from Jeff “DJ Switch” Sorensen of the Dangerous Kids Podcast.  This podcast is about Nerdcore, Nerd flavored Hip-Hop, and Nerd/Geek music in general.  It includes interviews and music with folks involved in the Nerd/Geek music community.  Switch usually asks his guests to give the audience a top ten list of their favorite Nerd/Geek songs.  It is great stuff and from time to time Switch learns something new.  The joy of discovery from him is fun to experience. One learns that the host loves this variety of music.   

Geek Remixed: The Podcast/ Geek Remixed

Not covering this podcast was huge oversight.  Bobby Roberts, of Cort and Fatboy Show and Welcome to That Whole Thing, uses the moniker of Fatboy Roberts for his remixes.  He remixes Television, film, and Video game themes.  He also has done a few mash-ups as well.  He did a podcast from August to November of 2012 that ran down the whys hows and whatfors of his process of making that music.  It is informative and he even includes what versions of what songs he used to mix his work.  I have both the link to the podcast and his music here.   UPDATE:  The Podcast has been taken down, as have several songs from the Geek Remixed site. 

Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel Edidin and Miles Stokes try to explain the convoluted and wonderful continuity of the X-Men.  They start with the Silver Age and move forward. They also have a YouTube show Rachel and Miles Review the X-Men where they do video reviews of most of the X titles. They are fans sharing their love of everyone’s favorite Uncanny Mutants and all their various offshoots.  If you are a old hand or a novice, if you love the X-Men this is for you.  

The Neverland Podcast

Jeremy Shields' Disney-centric Podcast, but he cover all things young at heart: Superheroes, 80's and 90's cartoons, and more.  Word for the wise, I have guested on the podcast.  Jeremy is a great host and made me feel so welcome I tried his podcast out as a listener.  It is good general fun for those who are children of the 70's, 80's and 90's.  Check it out is it a fun listen.

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