Thursday, March 19, 2015


I have come to an important decision.  I am working to start my own podcast.  I was trying to find a name to denote my personal journey and my optimism in it.  The name I came up with was Fumbling Forwards.  It denotes also humor, the case that I do not always know what I am doing, and that I am still a work in progress.  I decided to use that name for the blog as well.

I have been really struggling with the name The Recovering Ubergeek.  There is so much more to me than just my geeky pursuits. The new name opens me up to social, political and spiritual discussions as well.  That does not mean that stuff is ever going to go away. I just am so much more and so will my blog be more. I already have tackled more socially relevant subjects and covered my culinary history and pursuits. It is still me and all the older articles are not going anywhere.

The address is the same since it is connected to my account name and not the blog name.  Thank goodness for small favors like that. The name works for both the upcoming podcast and the blog.  Many of my personal journey articles fit the recovering side but not the Ubergeeky side.  The new name broadens that and makes anything I write possible.  It will be what it was plus so much more.  In a way this is a new introduction to the blog.  I have had a great deal of support for the name as it was for a podcast. I hope to get the same support for the change. This Has Been My Not So Humble Opinion.

This Blog also has a Facebook page it shares with the upcoming podcast.  Please like.

And there is now a Twitter feed too.

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