Tuesday, March 8, 2016

State of the Blog 2016

Since August of 2012, I have only had two non-consecutive months where I did not post a blog article. It has been 3 years and 7 months that I have been blogging regularly. In 2014, I re-edited some of my Shadowrun articles from my old Shadowrun website. I re-released those articles in another blog, he Sixth World Re-Visited. There were a finite number of those, but the blog is still up, even though there is no new material.

This year I decided to add a food/cooking blog. There I would discuss the individual dishes I have made in rekindling my love of cooking. I did not think Fumbling Forwards was appropriate for the recipe write-ups or in-depth food/cooking related discussions. It did feel appropriate with the new blog. In order to get caught up with my current dishes I posted and wrote daily. This was exciting and scary. I finished and got caught up on, February 23, 2016. I started the daily writing and posting project on January 17, 2016, so it took 5 weeks and 2 days to get caught up. Now I will write about the recipes around the time I make them.

That blog reached over 880 hits in its first two months. I decided to change the name of the blog’s Facebook Page to Fumbling Forwards Productions to include the Kitchen Comeback Chronicles, The Sixth World Re-Visited, as well and any other upcoming projects from me. The Fumbling Forwards Twitter feed is for all my blogs and future projects too.

I still need to get my fiction projects going. March 2016, saw my script I co-wrote for the Byron Chronicles produced into a new episode of that audio drama. I even did voice work for a bit part, MI-15 agent/Thug. That was the first fiction project I had finished in a decade and a half. There is a good deal going on in my personal life. My blogs, fictions, and other creative projects may take a back seat, to some of that. As always I will let folks know what is going on. Thank you for all your support.